We build, and Help Others Build on the Solid Foundation. We Make Money and Help Others Make Money..Do Not register If You Do Not have Spare Money to Donate..


1. SOLIDCash is in no way reliable or accountable for any transaction done on this platform or how this platform is used, as users join out of their own free will and the whole Money circulates round the circle.
2. At SOLIDCash Every User have a maximum of 30mins to Pay his/her beneficiary,and get confirmed,After this time beneficiary can delete donor if they refuse to pay. Donors can also willingly refuse to Pay by Clicking on the i refuse to pay button
3. At SOLIDCash, We don't play arround,and we don't allow Online Beggers. If you don't have money to donate when matched, Please do not register at all. We need serious people who are serious to make money.
4. Every registration at SOLIDCash is done at freewill, and we assume you where not forced to register.This platform is only meant for people above 18years.
5. At SOLIDCash, we make people smile, don't forget to tell your loved ones..
Anybody can join SOLIDcash, all you need is being able to donate #10,000 to someone. It is advised that you donate with your spare money and not with money borrowed from anywhere.
You can join SOLIDcash by clicking on the SIGN UP botton on the navigation bar or on the JOIN THE FAMILY button below the picture on the homepage. Do well to provide original details while filling the form so as to avoid irregularities and/or complaints.(Details Provided cannot be changed)
You can login to SOLIDcash just by clicking on the login button on the navigation bar or on the LOG ME IN button below the picture on the homepage. Input your username and password and that's all. It is advised that you keep your password secret as that is your access pin. Anyone who has it has access to all you've got on SOLIDcash.
On registering, the system immediately matches you to someone that you'll donate to. Just copy the person's phone number and account details. It is advised you call the person before payment to facilitate the confirmation process.
As the name implies,We are SolidFamily,the Family of Love. We bulid on the Solid Rock. You get three times the ammount you donated. That is, with a donation of #10,000, you will be paid #30,000.
Hell no! You don't have to worry yourself doing that. We found out that some people find it difficult convincing others to register as downliners and that was why the system was developed.
This system is not like the rest that takes time for it to start matching newly registered people. After you get confirmed by someone you were matched to pay, the system immediately matches you to the next person that registers.
At SOLIDcash, we took this recession into consideration and so, gave a period of 2 hours. If you dont donate after this period of time, your account gets deleted and the person you are matched to pay gets rematched.This was done so as to ensure easy recyclement and fast payment.
To lay a complain about any irregularities on your account, you can do so in two ways:
1. navigate to the contact page and fill up the form
2. send an email directly to admin@SOLIDcash.com. Remember to put your username while using this method for easy rectification.
Through which ever method you use, be rest assured that you'll get attended to almost immediately.
  • At SOLIDCash, We donate With Spare Cash!!
  • We Accept Only Serious People
  • We are not online beggers
  • Helping People Make Money is our Dream

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