We build, and Help Others Build on the Solid Foundation. We Make Money and Help Others Make Money..Do Not register If You Do Not have Spare Money to Donate..


We are SOLID Cash,donates genenously to help members of the SOLID FAMILY, especially in this time of recession. At SOLIDCash we donate only our Spare Cash. We dont allow online beggers and we believe in One Man-One Account..We donate 10k and receive 30k for the Regular Package and 20k to receive 60k for the Advanced Package in matter of minutes. We are not the Wicked type who refuses to Pay after Registration. At the SolidFamily we only have One Account which we can recycle a number of times..Solid Family members are always happy and we tell our friends for them to become happy too.
Dont leave your friends behind as you sign up!!

  • At SOLIDCash, We donate With Spare Cash!!
  • We Accept Only Serious People
  • We are not online beggers
  • Helping People Make Money is our Dream

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