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Smart Assets for mutual financial success

SCXN Tokens are created on Stellar Blockchain and become part of the Stellar Ecosystem. Stellar Blockchain was chosen because it has high speed in processing transactions, low transaction fees, managed by non-profit organizations and has strong fundamental system.


Transactions are always public and auditable.


It's the fastest and most scalable to other protocols


Enabling global payments anywhere in the world.


Build Networks for passive income success.

Solidcash Digital Assets that are made for convenience and success.

Solidcash mission to enable a smarter and more connected economy. We aim to enable individuals and businesses to take part in the upcoming Internet of Value, and to have more fun, ease of use, financial control, and safety.

Solidcash ideal for individuals and even family, this new payment method is gaining in popularity, especially with the ability to use your mobile device to handle these transactions. Our digital wallet is designed to simplify and speed up all your transactions.

Project for Mutual Success

Building a service network for mutual success

Passive Income Network

Hold SCXN Assets, Build Your Network, Generate passive income.

Online Shopping Rewards

Shop online, use SCXN Tokens, get monthly cash rewards.

Mobile Payment Application

Easy Worldwide transfer is made possible by simple buy and sell your SCXN Assets through FIAT.

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